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The very dry summer caused Roger Wilding to hunt for some-one with a photo drone to fly over sites of interest to him in the hope of revealing details of old foundations and similar. He was very lucky to find that the village has a professional photographer with drones (Brian Bracher at the Thatch Cottage – who gave a most friendly and professional service.

Thus in early September 2022 a drone flew over sites of interest to Roger with regard to his ongoing project on “Watermills of Westbourne, these being the ruins on the Ems south of Hampshire Bridge and the site of the “Lowar Mill” (sic) at the bottom of King Steet – both on private land. Also over part of the Churchyard which seems devoid of graves. The latter was of interest because Rev. Doc. J H Mee in “Bourne In The Past “ reports that in 1848 a burial had to be postponed because a substantial stonewall was found which proved extremely difficult to remove. Mee suggested that it might be remains of an early Manor House. A more recent option was came to mind when we re-discovered a newspaper report in 1933 that Roman bricks had been discovered during works to strengthen the Church tower. The Rector of the day is quoted as saying that he wondered if the wall might have been part of a Roman Temple. Our Roman enthusiast likes this idea. Any memories or thoughts most welcome.

Sadly we have to report that the aerial photos did not produce any revelations. But it was worth a try and good experience.